On table bowel washout/lavage
Intra-operative colonoscopy

The Retrowash™ performs two functions. In the first instance, it provides a clean, sealed, easy to use system for conducting an on table bowel washout using a new, quick, clean and safe retrograde irrigation technique. Antegrade irrigation may also be used.

Secondly, the Retrowash™ facilitates intra-operative colonoscopy. Studies indicate 46% of large bowel obstruction patients have polyps or secondary tumors in the proximal coloną. In the vast majority of cases, these would not be identified until follow-up 6 months after the initial surgery. Use of the Retrowash™ makes it possible for the surgeon to visualise the proximal colon in all these patients at the time of surgery.

The Retrowash™ may also be used as part of a protocol to reduce the use of pre-op bowel prep where a clean colon is still required.


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